Vivaldar is a continent in the western hemisphere of Avergene. Sister to the Continent of Constaldia there is only a gap of one hundred miles between the land masses. The gap is called the Straight of Blistikar.

Vivaldar is a wild place with the exception the region of Ampara. Protected by the civilization of the three cities Ampara is the only region not considered wilderness by the civilized people.

North of Amapara is the Great Vivaldarian Wilderness. Here is an ancient and deadly land. Covered in a series of forests over mountains and valleys the wilderness extends from nearly to the northern end of the continent.

In the south of Ampara is the Mountains of Gvarnak. Extended from east to west accross the continent these mountains protect and trap the people of Ampara. Luckily so as the southern part of Vivaldar is a huge desert which is home only to extremely ancient ruins, wild creatures, and harsh climates.

The far north of Vivaldar is home to a series of regions that are settled. In this case they are settled by Orcs, Goblins, and other races that are considered more chaotic or brutal by civilized society.

While these northern tribes of savages may be a cause of concern the great wilderness creates such a boundary that this little if no conflict except by ship when the civilized peoples venture out on crusades or other ventures. Which is not as common as you might think.

Other than this from time to time a ship crewed by Half-Orcs and goblins is sometimes seen in the great city of Rivelda. Here these creatures are tolerated, to some extent, because of the openness of the city and the riches such trade can often bring.


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