Unit Campaign Specifics

Campaign Setting

Coincidence, contradictions, complications, calamities, and cataclysms may all have come about in your past. Then again, perhaps it has only been circumstance. Whatever the cause or conditions that brought you here, you are now a recruit of The Men of Tioplana.
You come to the home of The Units, did you come for the fame, fortune, or fraternity? Perhaps you only came to escape your failures, your obligations, or your family?

Whatever drives you, you have successfully passed trials put before you in getting here. Now you must find a Unit to join or start one of your own. Perhaps your Unit will be based on trust, perhaps tolerance, but at the least necessity will do.

You are neither wealthy nor very well equipped. Its kind of amazing you haven’t starved to death or ended up in indentured servitude.

You have stories to tell, but very little to show for it?

Whatever your particular case, most recently your needs go unmet, your desires far from satiated, and the likeliness of reaching your goals less an less likely.

You may idle your time dreaming about your future or reliving your past. But here fortune favors the bold, luck is made, and no one but you gives two shamrocks of a shit for your success, desires, or even your life.

Who are you?
What makes you tick?
What makes you think your worth a shit?

Over the next couple of pages this guide will help you the player answer those and other questions about your character. You’ll make choices using the Game Mechanics. You’ll
build your character’s:

  • Characteristics (e.g. strength)
  • Skills (e.g. hiding)
  • Feats (e.g. Hawk Eyes)
  • Racial Abilities (e.g. Dark Vision)
  • Magical Abilities (e.g. spell casting)
  • Complications (e.g. hates elves)

The Units

The headquarters of the Men of Tioplana is The Katoikia of Tioplana. The Katoikia is located atop Vice Karl, one of many small peaks in the Iol foot hills.
The village of Rookrest at the base of Vice Karl gives homes to the supply community of the great fortress above.
Prime amongst the services provided from Rookrest is the compound of the Units. The squat barracks buildings around a central chow hall provide room and board for the men and women who stand ready to take on whatever missions the Men of Tioplana need. In turn these action oriented adventuring folks are also a source of income of the inhabitants of Rookrest. The farmers, craftsmen, and laborers of the region rely heavily not only on the needs of the Wizards and Sorcerers but also of the Units.

“In the UNITs of the Men of Tioplana you are among-st friends.” At least that is what the stories tell. In fact the UNITs are not that friendly. It can be heard, “With Friends like this who needs enemies.” In this campaign the party has formed into a UNIT. The organization of UNITs is simple. Each UNIT is composed of

  1. One leader (the one who formed the group)
  2. Members of the group (average of 4)

The UNITs get work when the Captain of the Guard assigns a UNIT to a task or mission.

Each member of the party is assumed to want to be in the UNITs and has joined from their own desire and free will. Each member of the group has passed the entrance testing to be eligible to join the UNITs. One of the character’s is the Leader of the UNIT. The rest are members.

The Captain of the Guard will address all questions, comments, commands, etc to the UNIT leader and only to the UNIT leader.




Great Schools of Wizardry

Power Limits

Using the Lower Limits in:

Unit Campaign Specifics

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