Along the coast of Vivaldar in the region of Ampara is a great city called Rivelda.

Rivelda is an old city. For some two thousand years it has stood as a testament to the achievements of men, Elves, Dwarves, Kobold, and other races. From the beginning Rivelda has been an industrious city.

Some of the key things that make the city unique are:

  1. The wall surrounding the city proper.
  2. The Airship docking structure called The Station
  3. The Docks
  4. The Municipal Towers
  5. The Acadamy district
  6. The Pit
  7. Smelt-town
  8. Smithtown
  9. Fleatown
  10. Kobtown
  11. And thousands of buildings filling the city.

Rivelda is a prosperous place with so much safety to its citizens that the population has exploded over the last one hundred years. With the development of a powerful city watch, a steady flow of food and water, and a extensive sewer system. The people of Rivelda live a prosperous life.


The population density in the city is sometimes unbearable though. Between the heavy density in the city proper, the over populated Flea Town, and the over flowing Kob Town populations its estimated that upwards of 150,000 people live in the city.

Historical Context

The city has undergone several transformations and events through its history. Leaving relatively small the number of ancient structures. Most of these ancient buildings only appear in small ways. Found only as part of a building amongst the prosperous new constructions.

Formed loosely into a series of districts now. The oldest districts being rebuilt with modern construction based on the supply of money into the project. while the new districts more properly managed.

This much of the history of Rivelda is hidden and lost.


The city is very prosperous and thus the poor fall into four groups commonly:

  1. Mentally or Physically disabled
  2. Petty Criminals
  3. Outcast from their family or society
  4. Limited because of common racial prejudice

The city doesn’t properly have a poor district within the city walls but outside the city walls they tend to aggregate in Fleatown and Kobtown. For some the best possible outcome of poverty is enter into a contract of indenture.
The indentured farmers count themselves lucky when compared to the lives they once had.


The city is a machine of moving humanity. The economic engine of the city drives most of the daily life. The procurement of goods and services, the shipping and distribution of excess production, the daily city wide distribution of food, the activities of the undercity, the implementation of active security, and the construction and expansion of the city all drive live in Rivelda.

Since The cities population so large and economic opportunity so vast the cities upper class has little tolerance for them. Thus its common place to see public beatings. Begging is less common than similar cities elsewhere in the world.


Pick pockets and thieves thrive in the city but are exposed by very well paid municipal and priviate security forces. Thus thieves who operate alone are killed quickly. This has led to organized crime. The gangs have formed both for the safety of the members and for the effectiveness of coordinated activities in crowds of people.

This has led to the City Watch focusing on finding and rooting out the biggest and most dangerous groups. Large guilds of thieves attract the city watch. This has had the effect of keeping the groups small and mobile.

The gangs of thieves and bullies thus are hard to infiltrate and join, mobile, and very fast at reorganizing. Outsider lawbreakers have a very difficult time getting accepted into the groups because of the constant attempts by security forces to find stolen goods and bring those responsible to justice.

Brass Rats


The city is managed by a group of wizards and sorcerers known as The Brothers of Malikai. They are a powerful organization with hundreds of active magic users in their ranks. Their leadership is secluded from the public and their identities are kept private for security reasons.

They elect a single representative from the city population to serve as the spokesman for the group and to conduct public events and functions.

The day to day operations are run by a bureaucracy that is composed of both members of the group and local citizens hired for their skills and abilities. The security of the city is left to the Rivelda City Watch.

The Brothers of Malika serve and control the city of Rivelda through powerful magics as well as more mundane operations. Sometimes accused of crimes against the environment the Brothers sometimes use controversial magic to resolve problems. This combined with their tendency to not commonly explain themselves nor provide detail out their plans and strategies creates some energy of distrust and frustration in the upper classes.

The lower classes however, are often the benefactors of the decisions and approach the leadership with reverence and awe struck admiration.

Food supply


Lucky Coin
Sweet Potato

Tinkerer Pub

Municipal Buildings
Dock Master’s Complex
Fisherman’s Wharf
Fish Master’s Complex

Buildings of Interest
Librums on Enchants and Possessions
Misc Buildings
Wilton Strikton’s Storage


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