Mountains of Gvarnak

A huge mountain range along the southern edge of Ampara. The mountain range has stood for hundreds of thousands of years. Along the range there is one active Volcano Mt Ricanda.

The Mountains of Gvarnak are still home to several friendly cities of the Dwarves. However, the two under ground cities of Kliangar and R’sharakan are relatively small compared to the ancient ruin of Kilarin. However, they are mostly safe and well protected. Where as Kilarin is dangerous and predictably deadly.

The Mountains are home to many races of Goblins and other mining and races who hide in hard to reach places.

Under the Mountains
While the beauty of the mountains is nothing short of breathless and the great swaths of low land hills that lead up to the mountains are home to forests full of game and beast alike it is the under earth that Makes Gvarnak special. There are several locations that are known entrances to the underearth realms of Dark Elves, Troglodytes, and Gnomes

South of the Mountains
Beyond the mountains stands the great wasteland of the El’Dra desert. Here in people seldom travel. The Mountains stand as both protector and barrier to the great desert.

Because the great desert is hidden by a wall of mountains there is little threat to the land of Ampara and so the settlements along the southern part of the land maintain only small contingents of Rangers

Mountains of Gvarnak

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