Great Vivaldarian Wilderness

A wild land of mountains, valleys, and other topography covered by forests and populated by monsters, wild animals, and ancient ruins. Stretching from Ampara to the Orc nation.

On the eastern border of the the wilderness sits the city state of Rivelda and on the western border is the city of Planatine.

The two city nations each host armed forces to patrol the north of Ampara. For the most part these patrols are mearly show. Keeping the border safe from larger incursions is extremely infrequent (occurring only once in every second generation at most). However, the Ampara – Rangers and specifically the Brothers of the Fallen are the ones dealing with most of the issues along the border.

What is interesting is the ever growing pressure of population expansion pushing Ampara into the wilderness. This creates a constant flow of people forming new villages along the border and sometimes deeper into the woodlands. The threat of danger is not enough to scare some people and so villages are formed and lost as the years go on. However, the wilderness protects its own border as much as the Ampara patrols and Rangers protect theres.

Great Vivaldarian Wilderness

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