Elves are creatures originally from the realms of the Feia. Most human scholars currently believe that when the elves came to Avergene they were one race and through the generations they have evolved. However, this is not a common belief amongst the Elves themselves.

The truth is that the different races from Feia came to Avergene and bonded with their environment differently. The Feia is not a material plane such as Avergene which forced the Elves to take a physical form when they came to here.

The Elven races are as varied as fish in the sea but over the generations, wars, and mixing five primary Elvish races have settled.

In the mountains and closest to the sky are the High Elves. Largest and strongest these elves are resiliant and isolated. When they descend from the highland villages where they raise their young they travel easily amongst other humanoid races. Especially fond of humans the Elves are often friendly with humans and form last bonds.

In the forests hidden deep in their tree top villages the Wood Elves live. Forming bonds with the forest spirits the Wood Elves are smaller yet no less hardy. They have learned to commune with the woodland spirits and thus bring favor and success to their villages. They rarely travel out of the woods. Though from time to time a youthful exuberance to see and play in the world overtakes one and they travel out.

Deep underground in their vast cities of slaved creatures the Dark Elves while away their time with studies of magic, miss use the lesser creatures they control, and spread their seed in dark magic fueled blood orgies. The Dark Elves live out their lives as only they know how. Masters of the dark these elves take pleasure in the death magics and releasing of the souls of their victims to their self made gods. Near the size of Wood Elves Dark Elves are characterized by their pale eyes and dark skin.

Aquatic Elves are the most hidden Elves choosing to live beneith the waves their societies are hidden and kept secret by the very fact that air breathers cannot travel there. Although extremely rare sometimes for various reasons an Aquatic Elf will emerge to travel amongst the surface dwellers.

Deep in the wilds lives tribes of hidden elves. Barely learning to speak with other humanoids most of them live as wild creatures in packs. Forced into the wild when they first arrived their fore fathers took aspects of wolves and other wild creatures and thrived in the deepest of forests and wild lands. Their native intelligence however remains high and from time to time a wild elf can be found on the edge of civilization.


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