Character Creation

Hopefully, the question you now have is along the lines of a specific character concept. This is because, as you will likely have already noticed, the answer to “how do I make a fighter with a longsword” will always be a qualified “it depends.” The it depends can only be answered by the concept of your character. This by combining your character concept with the use of common sense, dramatic sense, and game balance we can determine your characters specifics.

So with the campaign story, house rules, Hero Games advice on Fantasy Campaigns, and volumes of rules we can craft the right version of your vision. The process below is one method for working through all of this. The Steps are:

  1. Write a back story
  2. Determine the characters background influences
  3. Check the House Rules
  4. Pick/Design the templates that apply to your character based on your background
  5. Buy additional characteristics
  6. Buy additional skills
  7. Buy additional perks
  8. Buy Feats
  9. Document the character’s complications
  10. Buy Equipment and supplies

Options for spell casters:

  1. Buy/Design Spells
  2. Buy/Design Rituals
  3. Buy/Design Recipes/instructions

During this process it is likely you’ll need a few things:

1. A copy of the HERO System Basic Rulebook (PDF for sale)
2. Access to this web-portal or a printed out copy of the contents.
3. A phone to call your GM with questions, if he’s not handy.
4. A few hours to work on concepts and ideas.

Have Fun!!!

Character Creation

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