Ampara - Great Schools of Wizardry

Human wizardry has reached a point in Ampara where the power mastered by Schools is now great enough to offer long term defenses and a huge advantage over the primitive and barbaric tribes that pester the land.

The eighteen known Schools of wizardry in Ampara are powerful organizations one and all. However four of these schools by far exceed the others, Six of them while known of are secret organizations, and the other 8 make up the rest.

Most powerful schools
The Brothers of Malikai (currently rulers of Rivelda)
Men of Tioplana
Crawley’s Assembly
Sisterhood of the Arcane

Six Hidden Schools
Black Stars
Necrotic Brotherhood
Sirens of the Night
Witches of Rook
Vica Unita Patana

Remaining Schools in the Land
Circle of Eight
Qzark Catastar
Black Velvet Thaumaturge
Nicarian Wizards
Students of Srita
Merchants of Sweet River
Academy of Fire and Ice

Ampara - Great Schools of Wizardry

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