It is widely believed that primitive humans were created by the gods. The question remains how long ago did this happen and who were these gods. There are several pantheons of gods who are worshiped by humans with creation stories.

Rather true or not it is clear that humans have been scraping around on Avergene for a long time. However, in the earliest of times these humans were small and primitive. Not likely to attract much attention they thrived in places where larger races would struggle. Either in neglected areas where food was scarse or in difficult areas where defenses could be easier created and managed by smaller folk.

The humans thus survived for a long time on the edges of deserts, in the cliff faces of ocean fronting rocks, or in hidden catacombs just beneath the surface in hard to reach mountainous regions.

Thus early primitive humans evolved into three main sub-races:

1. Pigmy: small skinny dark skinned people. The pigmy people are quick and agile and smart in the ways of nature, hunting, and survival. They survive by needing very little in resources. Eating far less than other humans due to their small size.
2. Aasimar: dark skinned medium sized (avg height: 5’8", weight: 135lbs.) These folks live along the edges of deserts and in Oasis around the globe. How they spread to all of the different locations is not know but there is no desert in the world where there are no Aasimar living.
3. Mucklans: pale skinned these humans inhabit hard to reach locals. Often they spend a great portion of their day hiding only coming out at night. They are hardy folk, tough as nails and great at surviving in harsh conditions.

Some 100,000 years ago of so Human’s started to create technology and master their natural influences over magic. This lead to the development of villages and tribal boundaries not constrained to harsh environments.

Over the next 10s of thousands of years Human’s began to establish stronger and stronger civilizations. The rise and fall of these civilizations can be found in the volumes composed by historians and locked away in the vaults of knowledge.

During these thousands of years human’s underwent a substantial change in their physical forms as they gained access to more resources. There developed in addition to the three primative races which still survived in the their natural habitats three additional sub races.

1. Highmen: a race of long lived and sturdy folk the earliest of these folks found sanctuary and safety in the mountains. Here they could build strong forts and cities that allowed them to range out and down into lower lands for food and resources. As a consequence Highmen are tall and long legged allowing them faster travel over land. Also, they are master’s of certain technologies for gliders. Some of the most successful cities have even domesticated Griffons and other huge animals.
2. Mixedmen: throughout the urbanization of humanity races have combined. Mixed blood from the races of men, elves, dwarves, and others have created the mixed men. Averaging 6’ tall and 190lbs the human spirit is strong in these folk. Combined with natural apptitude of humans to magic, exposure to information, technology, and magic Mixedmen have become a powerful race upon Avergene. From their cities they control vast areas and dominate with large armies well fed from productive farms.
3. Felman: throughout history human’s have been exposed to races from the outer planes. One such exposure has been to the Demons of the abyss. Though exposure is often temporary in some cases the demons have lived among and dominated human villages and cities. Here a new race of human’s has sometimes appeared. The Felman AKA Tieflings are the result. The expression of the demonic nature is sometimes subtle and other time obvious taking many forms. But for most Felman the expression is unique. Some common manifestations are: eye color, horns, exposed bone ridges, etc…


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