Circle of Eight

When the lands of Ampara were re-settled the races of men found the lands infested with the mix-bloods of Human and Demons.

The war to retake Ampara was a fairly one sided affair. As the battles became less and less some of the Human’s took up station in the cities of The Damned.

Some of the Magi took possession of powerful Demonic artifacts. The artifacts were used for mostly positive outcomes. However, there were those who thought their use Evil. Of those who felt that there use could be “if maintained by the right minded” used to the advantages where the Circle of Eight. Formed around their believe the Circle of Eight established their ownership of the relics first and then hid them away from prying eyes.

The Circle of Eight formed in the city of Rivelda. They then around Ampara and established homes in all the major cities as well as some minor ones.

The Circle of Eight are not a hidden group but they do keep to themselves unless the greater good is in jeopardy.

Circle of Eight

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