Torden Vejr

Pirate Storm Sorcerer


Questions and Thoughts on Torden Vejr:

Describe Character Appearance:
Torden Vejr is a Human male. He is slightly taller than average, with swept back messy blonde hair, and usually sporting a beard. He has steel blue eyes that penetrate his opponent’s souls. He could be described as scrawny, but he is not frail. He typically has a contemplative look, except when danger is abound. He is usually dressed in simple traveling clothes the average sailor would wear, including a pirate-like hat.

What is His Main Motivation?
Torden Vejr’s main goal is to collect as many magical, rare, and ancient artefacts as possible. Rare items are more important than gold, money, and wealth. Rumors and treasure maps are valued over new knowledge. Only relationships that help lead Torden to new treasure are important.

Who is the person Torden Trusts the Most?
Torden Vejr only trusts one person, Torden Vejr.
No one has proven their worht to him. Everyone else is out to get the treasure for themselves. Something like trust can be earned for a price, usually information about more treasure.

What is Torden’s Greatest Strength? His Greatest Weakness?
Torden Vejr’s greatest weakness is his lack of faith in other people and strangers.

Torden Vejr’s greatest strength is his magic potential and talent. HE has honed his magical skills over the last few years of adventures, and tempered is abilities in many epic battles.

What is the Philosophy of Torden Vejr?
Torden Vejr is a conduit of the Thunder’s Fury. With My Power and abilities, I can overcome any challenge. I will find ancient artefacts and treasure to help me obtain my Maximum Potential.

What is Torden’s Opinion on Political Affairs?
As long as no one interferes in Torden’s affairs, he will do the same to theirs. If they share similar goals to Torden, he may be willing to assist for a price.

Does Torden Vejr have any Prejudices?
Torden Vejr is wary of people who have inherited all of their wealth.
He does not trust talking animals.
He is afraid to be without a supply of water.

Torden Vejr

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