Terrance Richter A.K.A "Riki"

An abnormally tall halfling sporting a peculiar limp, Riki is a wizard, enchanter, and alchemist


Riki has not yet shared much about himself. He clearly prefers to keep his past private, and generally does not speak unless spoken to.

What you do know about Riki:

Riki is 36 years old, a halfling adolescent.

He is tall for a halfling, reaching 3’11" on a good day.

There is clearly something wrong with his right leg, which causes him to walk with an odd limp. His left arm seems to have a similar disability.

You never see him without tall boots and gloves on.

Riki used to be a student at the Men of Tioplana, but is no longer part of the organization. The circumstances that led to his expulsion are yet unknown.

As a former Man of Tioplana, Riki has a solid grasp on the arcane arts, specializing in the manipulation of lightning. He has also, mostly through experimentation, obtained a basic understanding of the building blocks of enchanting, as well as alchemy.

Riki is clearly practiced at getting past locks, especially magical ones, although where he got this skill remains a mystery.

Riki walks around in ill-fitting, though all-covering, studded leather armor, as well as a large hooded cape, and leather gloves. He carries a crossbow on his back, and a variety of items attached to his belt: including a steel dagger; a large belt pouch containing his spell book, alchemy and enchanting reagents, and a few other miscellaneous gadgets; and a separate pouch containing a large array of thieve’s tools.

Terrance Richter A.K.A "Riki"

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