Abandoned Luggage

What's inside the box

The city of Rivelda is a place of bustle and complexity. The 150,000 people don’t even hardly notice when four strange characters meet up at the Lucky Coin.

Failing to notice the dramatic flaws in each other they form up into a party. Their mission, theft of course.

Together they all seem to notice a box on the dock and no one is paying it enough attention. Fortunately for them its abandoned. Unfortunately for the owner they take it for their own.

“Has to be valuable”, says Torden.

So together they drag the 6′×6′×5′ box over to load it on a cart that Kip somehow manages to be pulling on his tip toes.

Inside the run down storage unit they rent by the hour.?.? They unpack their new box. What do they find inside? Well they aren’t sure. Looks like a “war machine” says Dharvas. Shinny, i’m sure i can get it work, says Kip.

Will they get it out before the owner of the storage unit auctions the contents from lack of payment?
Will kip get what ever is inside the box running?

No one knows but for now the cart, box, and spare parts are layed out inside the storage unit with Kip scratching his head through his wood grain stained cowl.

Meanwhile, Torden and Elynasi head out to rent a place to stay. So they can setup a base of operations.

The Sweet Potato inn may be just the place.
“Unfinished third floor you say.”
“Sounds perfect.”
We’ll I can rent the third floor if you finish off the construction up there. (Of course Hirkal the owner hasn’t shown them the plans he has for the place.

So with rental agreement in place and box full of stolen advanced technology, believed to be some form of Munitions, sitting in a run down storage unit in a town bustling with thieves and merchants the party is ready for their next move.

Kip better get this thing running by mid day or there will be hell to pay. And him without any power converters. He’ll likely to be in that storage unit rather than down at Kobtown goofing off with his friends for a long time.

Lets just hope owner doesn’t go looking for the box they “lost” or they’ll likely get a chance to meet Kob tech in person.

Game time: Start + 1/2 day.


djkester djkester

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