Uthuk Y'llan

The Goddess Y’llan has been a infrequent visitor to Avergene but her stamp and influence are felt most directly on the Uthuk Y’llan when she transformed the Uthuk Y’llan

Uthuk Y’llan were once human. Transformed by Y’llan they are now blessed with powerful bodies that can thrive in extreme conditions.

Today the barbaric Uthuk Y’llan are renowned for their cunning, violence in cruelty. But they are not mindless savages. The uthak have a surprisingly complex culture that produces not only bloodthirst warriors but wise leaders and passionate artists.

Common Personality
The Uthuk value strength above all else. They believe weakness must be eradicated, not only in others but also in themselves. Therefore the Uthuk tend to be aggressive, arrogant, and quick to temper.

Mercy, patients, and humility can be interpreted as signs of weakness and are therefore avoided. To die a Coward is to abandon all sense of reason for madness in their minds.

Physical Attributes
The Uthuk resemble tanned and leathered humans. They are taller, heavier, and more muscular than their human counterparts. They average 6’6" and 250lbs. Neither males or females have facial hair and they wear their hair long. Typically black there are few remote tribes that have been known to die their hair white.

Uthuk at a glance can pass for humans but upon inspection they can be descerned by their eyes which have no discernable pupils and bone spurs that appear along their spines.

Uthuk Society
Uthuk live in tribes or bands that roam the desert wastes or similarly inhospitable landscape. Their racial affinity for harsh lands gives them a source of pride.

Most Uthuk who travel to other lands alone are outcasts or wanderers. Typically disconnected from their tribe for various reasons they tend to prefer the company of Dwarves and other races of stout stature. They are mostly unknown as their presence is infrequent in cities and they are seen as brutes to which they mostly fit the bill.

These lone Uthuk tend to find themselves as mercenary attachements to caravans or in the rank and file of military units.

Uthuk Y'llan

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