Unit Campaign Specifics

Campaign Setting

“In the UNITs of the Men of Tioplana you are among-st friends.” At least that is what the stories tell. In fact the UNITs are not that friendly. It can be heard, “With Friends like this who needs enemies.” In this campaign the party has formed into a UNIT. The organization of UNITs is simple. Each UNIT is composed of

  1. One leader (the one who formed the group)
  2. Four members

The UNITs get work when the Captain of the Guard assigns a UNIT to a task or mission.

Each member of the party is assumed to want to be in the UNITs and has joined from their own desire and free will. Each member of the group has passed the entrance testing to be eligible to join the UNITs. One of the character’s is the Leader of the UNIT. The rest are members.

The Captain of the Guard will address all questions, comments, commands, etc to the UNIT leader and only to the UNIT leader.

Campaign is set in the region of Ampara
The party will be working for The Men of Tioplana one of the Great Schools of Wizardry
The party will be head quartered in Rookrest

Power Limits

Using the Lower Limits in:

Characteristic House Rules

Modified Speed Characteristic Rules
Long Term Endurance Recovery (LTEREC)


Action Point System
Declaring Actions


Weapon Table
Armor Table
Adventuring Gear


Skill Lists
Weapon Skills
Enchant Item


Wizard Magic
Druid Magic
Bard Magic

Unit Campaign Specifics

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