For thousands upon thousands of years Trogs lived deep in the crust of Avergene. Primitive brutal creatures they consisted of small family units.

In ancient times, Scattered around in the hidden chambers of the under dark the Troglodytes bread in relative security. They lived only to hunt on each other, other underground creatures, or on rare occasions make excursions above ground.

In relative security they however, only prospered in extended family units and small tribes. They were relatively unintelligent with no need to develop any differently.

However, when the Dark Elves came everything was to change. Troglodytes were enslaved as useful brutes. The small extended family units represented the easiest targets for the Dark Elf slavers. The small packs began to congregate for security.

However, over the thousands of years that the elves have lived below the Troglodytes have evolved under the constant pressure. Now the Troglodytes live in under ground fortresses. Their religious beliefs and dedication has also evolved creating a rank of powerful clerics and shamans to rule the people. Additionally, in the last thousand or so years Sorcery has become much more common among the Trog people.

Still brutal in the extreme these now organized Troglodytes are still enslaved by the Dark Elves and live in fairly constant fear. However, bolstered in the security of their fortresses they are much more organized and deadly as a race. Trog excursions above ground are deadly raids done in the name of their evil gods and the sacrifices of humanity in the name of these guys are stories told to scare children into obedience and to bolster young soldiers and guards in the master of their skills.

In Civilization
Groups of Troglodytes are not welcome in society. However, in some locations single Troglodytes in the employ of a lord or enslaved can sometimes be found.

Brutal masters of combat enslaved Troglodytes are often found in Arena’s where they are happy to fight for the glory of their master.

Physical Characteristics
The smallest Troglodytes are bigger than the tallest man. Hunched over they typically only stand 6’6" but if they were able to stand up erect they would tower to 7’6" or above.

But do not be decieved by their large size. These creatures move fast and are agile in the extreme. Additionally they are masters of climbing rocks and are well adapted to life below ground. They have dark vision and they are immune to bacteria found in stale water sources.


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