Toppne rests against the hills at the end of a Westrite Valley, of rich farm land.

East of Rivelda by only 50 miles Toppne has strong exports of the more durable food goods. Beans, grain, and potatoes are common exports to the great city.

Toppne is managed by a collection of Lords whom provide protection and leadership. Being far enough south of the wilderness the Lords have mostly an easier life.

The woodlands north and west of the city provide ample hunting opportunity as well as materials for building.

Security in the city and the regional farms is provided by the Lord of Toppne, Sir Oscar Elderman. As the regional Sheriff he and his troops are the recognized law. Taxation of the locals is moderate and the supply of money through trade from Rivelda and trade further west supplies keeps the population happy despite the taxation.

The town population is around 2500 with the farms, manors, and rural residences raising the regional population to near 5000.

The town boasts the following:

  1. The lords manor
  2. Blacksmith
  3. Crematorium
  4. General Goods
  5. Farmers Market
  6. Taverns (2)
  7. Inns (2)
  8. Temples (2)


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