Sorcerer Magic

Sorcerer Magic is also sometimes called Inherent Magic

Sorcerers use magic through inherent talent and practiced discipline.

Developing Spells
Sorcerers can develop spells that they have spent time practicing who’s power source they know how to channel. Thus like Wizard Magic Sorcerers have a Spell Familiarity skill which represents their ability to channel spells of a certain power source.

The familiarity with a power source is gained for 2 CP.

Learning a Spell
To develop a spell the Sorcerer only need practice. To do this they conduct a Spell Development exercise. Sorcerer’s cannot learn spells from others and they cannot cast spells they haven’t developed.

How many Spells?
Sorcerers can cast any spell they have developed. However, they are limited in the number of spells they can develop based on their current Sorcery Talent

For each 1 CP spent on Sorcery Talent a Sorcerer can develop spells who’s RP cost = the AP of the Sorcerers Channeling power.

Formula: Total Real Points of Spells = Channeling Power AP Cost * AP Cost of Sorcery Talent

Using Spells
Sorcerers cast spells like Warriors swing swords or take other actions.

When using a spell that is an attack the Sorcerer makes their attack the same as any other character. Using their OCV or OMCV based on the modality of the attack. Sorcerers can purchase Combat Skill Levels for use with spells per the normal rules. Unlike Wizards these CSLs only apply to either OCV or OMCV not both.

Powering Spells
Sorcerer Spells are driven by the END of the Sorcerer. While many young Sorcerer’s tire quickly more powerful Sorcerer’s can cast for prolonged periods of time. They can do this because they have developed path ways of power in their bodies. They can transfer the innate power of the universe/world/cosmos/gods directly into spells.

Thus Sorcerers can thus cast some spells at 0 END. However, the opening of the pathways still requires them to expend some energy.

It works as follows. The Sorcerer buys a special power called “Channeling” (i.e. Reduced Endurance) This special power lets them cast spells at 0 END. However, the “Channeling” costs END to use. The END cost of the Channeling however is only 1/2 the normal END of a similar power. The maximum AP cost of the spell being cast that can be channeled is twice the AP cost of “Channeling.”

So Shi’An is a Sorcerer who wants to cast spells of 40 or less Active Points without spending his own energy (END). So he purchases Channeling (Naked Advantage Reduced Endurance 0 END for all spells) for 20 pts. Now instead of paying 8 END for a 40 AP spell he spends 2 END to channel the power necessary. (NOTE: A Sorcerer must always pay at least one END to cast a spell no matter how week the spell.)

8535462 yellow triangle with exclamation signSorcery is very powerful. Most trained Sorcerers can output a lot of power for a long time. Thus it should be noted that game balance can be tricky with a powerful Sorcerer in a party. Thus care should be taken when developing spells. Several limits are already in place to maintain balance.

Sorcerer Spells

Sorcerer Magic

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