Paladins of Vanth

A generic term for various groups that form around the worship of Vanth.

In the land of Ampara there is a small group of Paladins sworn to the spiritual care and protection of the Pilgrams from Pneumerica.

They are: Sir. Resark, Sir Sarak,Lt. Flint,Lt. Kristar and Sgt Wilko.


Vanth is often worshiped in the modern times but in times past the land of death and the afterlife brought great fear for many. The fear of death and the passing led the people of Gliraca to seek out ways to prolong their lives. Once individuals had achieved this they were admired and worshiped. Then the young warriors such as Arcetedis would bind themselves in service to these immortal ones. In the case of Arcetedis he was bound to an imortal lich named Ree’Ant’Ceda.

It was actually in seeking the worship of the various powers that kept Ree’Ant’Ceda alive that Arcetedis grew in knowledge of Vanth. For it was in spite of her that these mortals extended their lives. They sought to deny her the entrance of their souls.

About the time that Arcetedis was nearing his old age he began to dive deeper into the mysticism of his race and discover the rituals and powers in hopes to himself transform to an imortal state. In one such vision quest however, Vanth appeared to the great man to have a discourse.

The exchange in this discourse is of course a well protected secret by the various Paladins if in fact they know it at all. But the result was that Arcetedis raised his own weapon against Ree’Ant’Ceda and slew the Lich. With the descruction of the king Arcetedis was able to deliver his people from their lost ways and a new civilization was formed.

These people developed a strong love for life and no fear of death. Escaping from their past they build a temple to Vanth.

Over the years the Paladins set forth into the world to spread the message and find those who would abandon reason for glory and seek out these rituals to extend life. This was over two thousand years ago.

Paladins of Vanth

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