During the 2nd Event known in some ancient histories as the Goblin invasion a race of men who’s name is mostly lost in the modern times but known then as the Aremony were spread throughout the globe.

During the wars with the races of Gob’lien who came into Avergene from their home realms during the 2nd Event an empire of Aremony who called themselves the Orcrish’a Paderiki lived in the northern end of the known called Vivaldar continent. The Orcrish were under attack from a horde of Goblin and their larger ilk (e.g. Bugbears, Hob-goblins) as well as the enslaved Trolls and other older races of Avergene.

The Orcrish were a proud and powerful empire but in the end they were reduced to brutal warfare with the enemy. In the final days of the empire the Orcrish took about a mass transformation of their people. Their goal being to transform themselves into a stronger, faster, and more brutal folk. Their mission was one of utter survival.

Their transformation created the race of Orcs. Their new bodies were stronger and faster but given over to the struggle of might instead of the pursuit of intellect they gave up much of their wisdom and knowledge.

Now thousands and thousands of years later the Orcs still survive in the northern lands of Vivaldar and in some other remote places. Known for the casual brutality and their quick rise to anger they are left mostly to themselves.

In some histories there is talk about tribal leaders organizing the Orc warlords into organized armies and invading. But in the modern Vivaldar the orcish tribes find themselves trapped between the northern shore of Vivaldar and the Great Vivaldarian Wilderness.

It has been heard of that Orcs will breed with the races of man or Elf. The later more common than the former as the Wild Elves can often find themselves more closely attuned to wild animals than they are to man kind. This leads them into mixed breading with more primitive races.


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