Melee Weapons

There are many good examples of weapons in the HS Equipment and other guides. For Avergene we are using a modified weapon building approach.

Weapon Basics

The following are the basics of the weapon builds:

Catagory Weapon groups that represent a class of weapons. Each catagory of weapons is unique enough to require seperate weapon training.
Material Weapons are made of materials that have various physical attributes including hardness, density, and durability
Type Weapons are either HTH or Ranged
Ammo For ranged weapons which use AMMO the name of the type of ammo is listed
Attack Type Weapons either do bashing, piercing, or slashing damage. Some weapons have additional attacks e.g. Hook
Damage Type Weapons do either Normal or Killing damage
Hands How many hands does the weapon need to use at full effectiveness.
STUNx Modifier A modifier to the STUN dice for Killing attacks
OCV Mod A modifier to the OCV of the weilder of the weapon for purposes of attacks or actions with the weapon
Speed Modifier A modifier SPD of the weilder of the weapon for purposes of attacks or actions with the weapon
Length A relative length of the weapon compared to other weapons. The purpose is to determine who has the current distance advantage
Damage How much damage the weapon will actually do.
STR Min How much STR is required to use the weapon at full effectiveness
Body How much body damage the weapon can take before becoming broken
Defense When the weapon takes damage how much damage is reduced from the attack
Mass How heavy the weapon is.

Here is the Weapon Table of some weapons available in the world.


When you use a 1H weapon with two hands you reduce the STR Min by 3.

Melee Weapons

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