Magic In the World

Avergene is a planet where arcane power has pulsed over the surface of the world for hundreds of millions of years. Therefore, arcane power flows like a force throughout. The energy cannot be sensed with the normal untrained senses but it is there none the less and for those who can get at it the power of the arcane can be a powerful tool.

Among the denizens of Avergene arcane power is tapped in many ways. Some use this power consciously but most are unconscious of their use. Therefore powerful creatures, places, peoples, and items can be found in the world both in current modern use and in ancient ruins. The complexity of magic in the material plane is high.

Raw arcane energy in Avergene comes from the magical star Optriminiscar. This is a small planetoid in orbit around the same sun as Avergene. It generates amazing amounts of magical energy.

In addition to the raw arcane energy other forms of energy flow into the world from various sources. The most dominate of these sources are the other planes of existence. These are connected with and through the material world via gates, pathways, and conduits. These other planes of existence do not adhere to any set of scientific laws. However, the races and creatures of Avergene have mastered many linkages to these other planes over the millions of years of evolution.

Within the world of Avergene practitioners of magic adhere to magical systems, draw upon power sources, to create and cast spells that generate effects. Effects are then typed into various forms of output. For example, A wizard may draw upon the raw arcane power to cast a fireball. A druid may draw upon the Life Spark to mend a broken wooden shield or weapon. A ranger may draw upon the aspect of tiger to physically move extremely quickly and quietly through the woods. A Paladin may call upon his god to augment his sword blow with a blast of thunder clap of sonic energy.

There are no real constraints on the expression of magic in game terms. The setting includes some common frameworks that may help a player more easily clarify the effects. These are described in the magical system.

However, from a campaign setting each magical spell, or whatever you want to call it, draw upon a magical power source to effect the world. The power sources have various possible story effects as well as an impact on game mechanics.

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Magic In the World

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