A basic template for a Kobold character contributes on average the same as being a human character to their racial template. However, the base Kobold template differs from the human template in two ways:
1. Rapid Healing
2. Smaller Size

In addition to the basic template, which is used for the Dogmen, sub-race, there are two other sub-race templates available. Both of these have a point cost higher than a human. The two optionsn are:
1. Dragonborn
2. Dragonling

Finally, should a player decide that they would like to play something unusual the Kobold offers an opportunity. For this option the player would instead of playing one character of Heroic power play 2 or more lesser powerful Kobolds. This “mini-tribe” would be a custom built character and requires a full collaboration with the GM.
Its widely accepted amongst historians, archeologists and enthologists that the Kobolds have been on Avergene for a very long time. At least since the first age. How the race got a foot hold is unknown. Some believe they evolved from more primitive reptiles. Others believe they along with some other races were created by the gods.

While historians, scientists, and priests may differ on their creation there is little dispute of their transformation.

In the third age the Dragon came to Avergene. Where these mighty beasts came to the traditional lands of the Kobold tribes a symbiotic relationship was formed..

It was among the Dragon the Kobolds found a vision for their future. These great reptile like creatures were like gods tot he Kobolds. This lead the members of the tribes to seek out service to the Dragon. In the beginning the relationship was likely seen as a greater benefit to the Dragon, as the Kobolds were nothing but slaves to the great beasts. But the Kobolds were the true benefactors of this relationship.

The Dragon were not from Avergene and so did not fully understand the inherent nature of the Life Spark and the influence of the loose arcane energy from Optriminiscar. The Kobolds served their masters well and within a few generations thesey evolved from this relationship. They grew in size and strength under the rule of the Dragon.

Their naturally rapid healing combined with their evolution to the Aspect of Dragon gave rise to a new sub-race. The Dragonborn. These Dragonborn were as large as humans and stronger. Aspected with the power of a breath weapon and some of the individuals have even shown other powers of the Dragon. As the ages progressed and the power of the Dragon was confronted the Dragonborn gave up their service to these wormlings.

In modern times the Kobolds are distinguished into three sub-races:
The Dragonborn, which are now spread through the lands.
The Dogmen, which remain much like their ancient peoples.
The Dragonling, a rare manifestation among the Dragonborn. Small in size these Kobolds are born looking like dragons. Often they later manifest an ability to shapeshift into humanoid form. They are considered to be the most powerful Kobolds.

Amongst the other races the individual Kobalds are mostly accepted. They are seen mostly helpful and hard working. However, their acceptance is regional.

The primitive Kobold is a wild creature that travels in tribes or packs. Primitive Kobold, are called Dogmen. The Dragonborn and purblood do not have a primitive side being fully a modern race.

There are still places in the world where ancient Dragon reside where they have vast followings of Kobolds.


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