House Rules


As is the case in almost all RPGs these days we have some house rules.

The house rules below are meant to provide a frame work for this fantasy campaign setting. Like most campaign settings the house rules are meant to provide a feeling more than hard and fast rules. Therefore, the house rules apply unless a more specific rule for your character would over rule this. Additionally, monsters and other some NPC creatures will not necessarily abide by the house rules. These elements of the game may need to exceed certain limits, etc to provide the level of danger etc to give challenge to the party and the environment.


Modified Speed Characteristic Rules
Long Term Endurance Recovery (LTEREC)
Characteristic Maximum
Movement Powers

Character Creation

Everyman Skills
Weapon Familiarity
Magical Systems
Duel Wielding Weapons


Melee Weapons
Ranged Weapons

Game Play

Turn Sequence
initiative order

OCV limits
DCV limits
Damage Limits
Damage Protection
Segment based Movement
Campaign Time Table
Everyman Maneuvers


Spell/Power Level
Rituals Must Take Reduced End
Spell Lists
Spell Range
Component Rules

Limitations and Advantages

Power Source Rules

House Rules

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