Avergene has a complex relationship with extra planar divinities. There are seven main Pantheons currently actively worshiped in the world. Nearly all of these have some manor of following by one or more civilization, racial group, or even secret following.

The main Pantheons are described in the following stories:
Creation of the Universe
The Land of Milk and Honey
The Enlightenment of Humans
The Sky Keeps of Aman
The Ascendancy Process
Of Dragons and Other Great Creatures
The Slaying of Demons by Kikokinjari

Listing of Gods

Y’llan of the Sharingral
Liosa of the Sharingral
Gristalan of the Sharingral
Viscara of the Sharingral
O’lo of the Sharingral
Ecliea of the Sharingral
Kintara of the Sharingral
The Sisters
The Dark Sister Naryne a Goddess of the Womb
The Red Sister Canelle a Goddess of the Womb
The Golden Sister Theyllyne a Goddess of the Womb
The Creators
Vanth Goddess of Death and the afterlife


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