Goblins are small men-like creatures with pointed furry ears and wide mouths.

In modern times it is unknown exactly when and from which plane of existence they came from. However, they are from [[Gob’lien]]. Some scholars know that their invasion of Avergene occurred during the second events. It is believed by scholars that the invasion of the Goblins failed bur resulted in a major change in the populations of Avergene.

However, no matter how great they may have tried to become in the ancient past, the modern Goblin is a crafty bastard. In many cases they can be found living in the slums of cities or in the forests or other wilderness in great warrens.

Some Goblin warrens allow for the Goblins to grow in power in a small region. From these warrens they will strike out against other humanoid low population areas for raids. Taking both livestock and slaves for their warren. One favored slave race for the Goblins are the Gnomes since these little men fit easily into the warren and provide a great source of improved food production.

Goblins are mostly nasty creatures but from time to time individuals can demonstrate a high lever of social compability and fit more generally into normal society. But they are never found in high society and even the rare individuals who can fit in to society struggle to find acceptance. They are generally considered to be untrustworthy at best and to be feared at worst.


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