Small in size these creatures dwell in remote locations. They prefer hill country where they can raise vegetables and fruits in secluded gardens tended and protected by the natural terrain.

Their diet consists mostly of earth grown products, goats milk, and goat meat.

Prefering the natural foods of their own gardens and their own herb based cooking methods gnomes mostly hang close to home to tend to their own lives.

Gnomes have likely lived on Avergene for millions of years. At least as far as anyone can tell there is no known story of their arrival within any other race. Creation stories amongst the Gnomes speak of hill top birthing pods and organic emulsions from compost piles of ancient powerful plants and creatures.

Perhaps they are the mulch of a compost pile filled with powerful creatures from another world? Perhaps they are just evolved from smaller creatures found on the planet at the beginning of time?

Whatever the case Gnomes are here to stay. Underestimating the power of a mound (as they call their villages) is likely a deadly decision.

Physical Description
Gnomes are live born to their mothers through a 2yr gestation cycle. The gnome mothers ingest huge amounts of leafy vegetables normally during this cycle. Leading to the description of the little ones as Mulchies.

Born at just under a pound and 7-8" in length Gnome children are not incapable. Able to stand and walk within days the little buggers can be found burrowing into the hill sides of the mound within a couple of weeks.

Their main early diet is earth worms and fresh vegetables. However, after only a few months the mulchies have grown enough to join the family for meals. Here they tend to stick to tender young plants and small portions of goats milk.

By the time they are three years old Gnomes have reached full size and they are typically considered adults by the time they are nine or ten.

Gnomes grow to be 2’6" – 3’ tall. They have short powerful legs with large and powerful hands. Born diggers gnomes are masters of earth excavation and can determine soil density and health from just a cursory view and a good sniff.

Adept farmers Gnomes are seen as helpful and productive especially since they tend to stay out of the way. However, they should not be underestimated. Their natural affinity to Avergene has given them powerful sorcery in their genetic code.

Without their tools gnomes are natural diggers but with tools they are amazing. It has been known for armies to employ gnomes as sappers. Gnome sappers are sometimes referred to as Digginses. They can often move dirt faster and with more accuracy than Dwarves as long as they are within a certain distance from the surface.

They love top soil and can be found discussing this at length over a cup of grog or other earthy smelling beverage.


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