Beneath the surface of a planet lay the under world. The under world is a realm of darkness. Cool and dark the place is not for the more happy folk of the realm.

However, between the surface and the realms of the under world lay a realm of rock, stone, and earth. Here is where the Dwarves call home.

Avergene is home to a variety of “mining” cultures and the principle of these are Dwarves. The Dwarves have evolved over the millennium into three sub races.

To humans the most foreign of these is actually the truest form of Dwarf. The Rock Folk.

Originally Dwarves were not from Avergene but in an early age of the world a space was opened up between an elemental world and Avergene. Through this rift a small and hardy rock creature traveled.

Dwarven – Rock Folk, are the closest ancestors to these creatures. The Rock Folk live very deep in the earth and only on extremely rare and desperate condition would they come above ground.

The Rock Folk stand some 3’ tall with skin that appears to be rock. They are known to be able to move through stone nearly as easily as air. This form of movement is not tunnelling. It is more akin to walking through stone. They leave no trace in the rock of their passage.

In addition to their freedom of movement they can see and sense the essence of the stone. Allowing them to see perfectly fine in the pitch black of the stone world. For to them stone and rock transmit a low light and they can see in low light like full day light.

The Rock Folk are not as tough as their larger kin but they are still robust. However, they do make up for the lack of size by being immune to poison.

Next in line of deviation from the elemental creatures who came to Avergene are the Dwarves. The Dwarves are the common folk of the Dwarven heritage. They dwell in their underground cities and forts. For the most part they are content to live beneath the earth. They travel about the surface only on missions and with a purpose. They prefer their homes to be beneath the surface.

The Dwarves average around 4’5" tall and they weight normally in excess of 150lbs some gaining a gearth closer to 200lbs. Normally they need special fitting for armor and the like.

Providing a wide range of skills the Dwarves are master craftsman of most any thing they take their minds to. This has established them as master armor smiths, weapon smiths, and even carpenters.

Their knowledge of the under dark is extensive and they have a hatred for Goblins that goes back to the very root of their souls. A Dwarven warrior will sometimes Frenzy when facing Goblins losing track of enemy and non-dwarven friends.

Dwarves are adept miners allowing them a racial bonus to mining activities. They are unparalleled in their mining. It is very difficult for a non-dwarf to get anywhere close to the same skill level.

“Dwarves can smell silver, gold, and other minerals” —Grettian The Wise

Finally, their are some Dwarves who have moved above the surface. The history of these tribes is varied. In some cases these groups were forced from their family homes by denizens of the under world, natural disaster, or other occurrence. In some cases internal wars and strife amongst the Dwarves themselves sent some out.

Over the hundreds if not thousands of years these folks have slightly evolved due to different environmental pressures. Taller on average than the dwarves these “Half Dwarves” as they are called are near in average to 5’ tall. Much more slender as well they average 130lbs. They still have the amazing skill based mentality. Most Half Dwarves who find themselves in Urban settings fit in very well and are likely to be found in the craftsman sections of town earning out some trade or the other. From time to time these folk are often useful for conducting trade with the Dwarves since they sometimes speak the language. But for the most part Dwarves and Half Dwarves don’t get along especially well seeing each other as racist or weaker respectively.


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