Designing Alchemical Processes

Alchemical Processes are designed by people trained in KS: Alchemical Process Design

Depending on the nature of the alchemy several skills can be helpful. However, in the end it takes a KS: Alchemical Process Design skill roll to create a process. Alchemy takes time to design properly. The time it takes to design a process is determined by the level of the alchemy. Simply look up the process level + 9 on time index on the Campaign Time Table to determine the time it takes to create the Process.

Only one process can be developed in between sessions of play.

The only limitation on the point cost of a alchemy is the RP value. No process can have a real points value of greater than ten (10).

The level of the alchemy can be determined by finding the Spell Level.

It costs money to develop processes as well. The cost is equal to the cost of the components * 2 * process level.


The alchemy can have most any effect that is approved by the Game Master.


Most of the Hero System Limitations that apply to the power, etc of the effect can be used for processes. Some common ones are:

Alchemists may need physical components to create them. e.g. oils, herbs, and magical stones
When a process is designed the design must include a list of components required to complete it. For determining the limitation use the component limitation.

Extra Time
Enchantments generally take extra time. This is by far one the most important limitations of a process. It is through extra time you can really make for more powerful alchemy.

Using Alchemical Process

If you know the process and have the components needed you can execute the process. Success is dependent up on the Alchemy skill level of the alchemist.

Success roll = Alchemy skill Roll – Process Level + Modifiers

The most common modifier is “extra time” for each time increment on the time chart beyond the minimum for the Process the enchanter gets a +1 Skill Modifier.

Acquiring Components

Items can be acquired through purchase or scrounging.
Purchasing them requires finding a vendor (not to hard in most cities)
Scrounging them requires finding a place where they can be found.

Designing Alchemical Processes

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