Character Take Turns

This house rules suspends the Modified SPD characteristic house rule using the standard Hero System 6e SPD stat with an applied characteristic maximum of 3. A player gets to act per the normal rules.

Players declare actions earlier than standard Hero System.

A player declares the actions of their character at the start of combat and the next segment after their last phase. The declaration includes what segment they will complete their action(s).


If a player declares they are moving the player executes the move each time another character or has a phase. Play order is dependent upon DEX. The player moves the character up to their per segment movement speed time the number of segments since they last moved.

If a character is double moving or sprinting they move twice their per segment movement speed.
If a character is double moving and sprinting they move quadruple their per segment movement speed.

NOTE: If a character is sprinting then they are three levels easier to hit than normal. (-3 DCV)

Taking an early defensive action

Even though their action has been declared per the Hero System 6e rules a player may have their character abort to a defensive action.

Character Take Turns

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