The skill covers the preparation and use of plants in drugs, medicines, potions, or spells. As well as a generalized study of Botany as a science. In addition the Botonist knows how to augment the growth of plants and create favorable conditions for gardens, crops, and plantations.

The knowledge does include the ability to mix plant components into potions but does not allow the use of Magic to enhance or modify the effects of the components. Bontanists must rely on the natural abilities of the components as combined through mundane potion making activities like cooking, stirring, mixing, grinding, filtering, etc…

There may be some similarity to Alchemy but the two practices are at best complimentary.

Additionally, this skill is used in replacement of the Wizard Magic skill for using magical herbs, making of potions from natural components and invoking natural abilities of living plants.

The magic of the Botanist is the ability to:

  • Utilize plants for:
    • curing disease
    • neutralizing poisons
    • creating poisons
  • Invoke properties of the living plants
  • Create potions

Some common creations of alchemists are:

  • Salves
  • Treatments to heal the body and soul
  • Effect the environment (e.g. purify water)
  • Poisons


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