Ampara Languages


Ampara has a long history of maintaining a sense of cohesion and travel between the regions of the sub-continent frequent.

The wizards who came from the east speak a language known as Auyasy. This language is complex and involves a history that goes back thousands of years. While there are derivations of this language in other lands it is secluded in Ampara to the single language. It remains mostly a language of the Wizards.

The main language of Amparan’s is Entobarin. It has derived from multiple influences and over the centuries has become full of special cases and conflicting word choices. Many who attempt to learn Entobarin as a non-native language still can never tell the difference between, “entering a building”, “going into a building”, or “stepping into a building.”

Most of the word choices are not random but are based on regional preferences and common usage. Combine this with regional accents and it becomes easy to identify the origins of an Entobarin speaker.

Finally in Ampara there is the language of the lawy. It is required to be used in all official government documents and by constables and lawyers. The language is Eellian. If you want to be a lawyer or a member of a government post, learning the language is required. It is a constructed language created by the Wizards to remove ambiguity from the law.

SInce the Wizards created this language to remove ambiguity the lawyers have had to expand their skills to overcome this limitation. A new skill has developed as a result. The skill is a special Professional Skill called Eellian Interpretation. This skill allows lawyers to interpret legal document written in Eellian in various ways.

Ampara Languages

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