Ampara is the region on the continent of Vivaldar spanning from coast to coast between the Mountains of Gvarnak and the Great Vivaldarian Wilderness.

Ancient ruins litter the landscape as for thousands upon thousands of years the fertile lands have been home to civilized cultures.

Over the last thousand or so years however, like minded humanoids have been in the power over the great plane. Powered by new found magical talents three cities were formed on the edges of the great planes with numerous towns, villages and plantations over the interior.

At one time 24 great schools of wizardry could be found in the region. Now this number has dwindled to 18. This does not count the numerous monasteries, temples, and war mage academies.

Each of the cities maintains an army in defense against various outside forces but these militaries have little to do with the overall security of Ampara.

With the cities spread fairly evenly and at a long lasting peace there is little need for military operations in the land. So a tapestry of law enforcement has emerged across the land creating a strong sense of safety in the land. Local sheriffs are appointed in each township, each city has a large city watch which patrols often at a great distance along trade routes, and each city appoints and supports a contingent of elite police forces. These elite patrolman are normally referred to as rangers.




Large Cities


Elven City

Dwarven Cities

Towns (~1000 population)

Terrain Features



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