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  • The Whale's Diversity

    Torden Vejr bought the ship from some rich fool for 350 gold. However, a deal was made where Torden would pay 50 gold upfront and make monthly payments of 50 gold until the remaining debt was paid. Also, the ship is haunted.

  • Murloc

    A coastal creature that can breath in both water and air. A few facts about Murlocs. They are about human sized with sharp claws and teeth They over harvest an area and pretty much eat anything they can find there Baby Murlocs can only breath air …

  • Torden Vejr

    *Questions and Thoughts on Torden Vejr:* _Describe Character Appearance:_ Torden Vejr is a Human male. He is slightly taller than average, with swept back messy blonde hair, and usually sporting a beard. He has steel blue eyes that penetrate his …

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