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    Welcome to Avergene

    This is the Wiki for the campaign world. Currently there is one campaign running in this world. I'll be posting Campaign Information, house rules, and …

  • House Rules

    h4. Introduction As is the case in almost all RPGs these days we have some house rules. The house rules below are meant to provide a frame work for this fantasy campaign setting. Like most campaign settings the house rules are meant to provide a …

  • Turn Sequence

    There are three sets of optional Turn Sequence House Rules. # [[Action Point System]] # [[Turn Based System]] # [[Character Take Turns]] NOTE: Currently only the Action Point System is being used.

  • Weapon Familiarity

    Weapon familiarity will work the same as the HS core rules however, the weapons included in the categories will be substantially reduced from the core rules. Any weapon no classified in one of the current categories will have a cost of 1 character …

  • Duel Wielding Weapons

    Hero System allows for anyone to duel wield. See HS 6E 2 pg 73. So any duel attack takes an entire phase or 12 Action Points. In addition to these rules if a character is trained in Two Weapon Fighting they have an additional Manuever. Off Hand …

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