Units Mission 1 : epilogue
observations and conclusions

After the party returns to the Unit HQ it dawns on a few of them that the road between Rivelda and Rookrest doesn’t cross over the river. This leads to the question, if the caravan was washed away by a strong river where and why was the caravan crossing the river?

Units: Mission 1 -- Oh that's what's taking them so long

The night proceeds with the down pooring… but being warm, dry, and fed the team is in high spirits. As the morning dawn breaks the rain turns to just a minor drisel. The Unit heads out feeling rested… They travel to the road to Rivelda which after the storm is void of other travelers.

After a couple of days the party comes across the caravan traveling slowly due to the loss of draft animals and a wagon. Kaz gives the guards a box of the magically preserved food.

Cind is in charge of the Wagon train.

The Unit stays with the caravan through the night and heads out back to Rookrest. On the way home they are stalked and attacked by a pack of Goblins. A short fight ensued where the party dominated the Goblins sending some of them to an early death and scaring one back into the undergrowth of the side of the road.

Units : Mission 1 -- What is taking them so long
Mission 1 - Session 1

In the mess hall of the units those awaiting assignment loiter and harass the others of similar fate

Kazuaki sits on a bench his focus-less stare burrowing into the table
Zero loiters moving from seat to seat introducing himself to those who seem most despondent
Sadj awaits opportunity
Rusti follows Zero around mumbling

A second band of would be heroes lead by Ren sit together passing around barbs and jabs at each other and anyone they feel safe verbally assaulting
this Game Group activity one of a long tradition among the unemployed

As the hours pass the rain outside builds and builds into an unseasonable down-poring
Kazuaki gets up and moves outside to stand in the hard rain.

Just there after Sgt Plint enters
“Let me see here, who wants a mission? A caravan is delayed and we need to know what holds them up.”

Kazuaki starts running…Rusti follows him out into the rain

Rist says, “Sgt, we can do…” Zero interrupts, “Our Unit can do that. Two my guys are already on it.”

With a glare Rist paints Zero as dead.

After Rist’s team learns how low the pay is for the work they decide to “let” Zero’s team take the job.

Four hours of walking in the cold rain … tired … and getting hungry the Rusti mumbles something about cover

Rusti’s instincts are good… he finds a cave out of the way and out of the rain.

Kazuaki stands outside in the rain… his blood sugar crashing from lack of food until after a few hours he collapses

Rusti runs out and drags him back to the cave

Unconscious Kazuaki is aided by Rusti and Zero, who do not have any idea how to help him…

Zero and Sadj learn that Kazuaki is cursed … a rare and powerful curse …

After Zero and Rusti fill Kazuaki’s stomach and lungs with water he awakens coughing the water up… his lungs burning … after which they feed him something…

As the party sits and rest Rusti hears the sound of running water in the back of the cave.

Everyone listens and Sadj concludes its not water but something else… Rusti throws a log from the fire, further into the cave… A fence reflects the small amount of light back… beyond the fence its still very dark.

Zero approaches the fence and from about 4 meters he paints the ground with a powerful ambient lite … lighting up the room for 30m in all directions. The entire cave is illuminated …

The hollow eyes of a Rune Hound stair blankly back at the party as the animal’s constant purring sounds is heard from deep in its throat.

A lock on the gate in the fence keeps the hound away from the party.

After some deliberation the party determines the best course of action is to pull open the gate (breaking the lock) and kill the Rune Hound.

A grappling hook with rope is tied connected to the lock and most of the party begins to pull.

As the tine of the hook snaps the lock also breaks … Rusti falls on his ass, just as the dog charges out … Sadj unleashes a hellish blast taking the dog full in the chest stunning the creature … when Kazuaki steps in and stabs deep into the animals chest killing it and releasing the powerful magics that bound it …

In the cave’s fenced area the party finds 5 12 kilo bags of dirt… after analysis this dirt may be from a grave site …

Kazuaki dumps bag of the dirt out and runs his fingers through it. For the first time in a long time his hands feel the coolness and texture of the dirt… his nose fills with the warm loam of the soil.

with the dirt is two boxes of magically preserved food, 10 sets of used clothing w/ soft leather foot wear, and a few small sacks of potatoes and other food stuffs…

This mission isn’t turning out so terrible after all…

the xp reward for session 1 is 2 CP.

Unit Mission 3a
Heading to the Library

5 poor Unit members purchased their own food in hopes of making a profit of taking the old Wizard Rochester Esquire Quirk to a burned out library.

In the town of Redding the party discoved a young Vampire feeding on the locals. They rousted him from his hole and chased him out of town. The local who was keeping the Vampire safe during the day was hung for his crimes.

Unit Mission 2
retrieve engraved cylinder from bandit trio

brute “kronk”, laska, sorceror “frost” steal item from caravan, trail leads to fire-creature-burnt hovel then to cliffside keep/bandits/pig death/cylinder

Unit Mission 1
investigate homicide of red wizard

people in town know little but kids saw something by well, agile brachiator “grek” has hidden dead wizard’s stuff in well

Making Plans
Sometimes the best plan is just to get out of town

Elynasi and Kip get Torden back to the Sweet Potato Inn to recover from his wounds. After a nights sleep and a couple of spells he’s feeling pretty good. One leans against the unfinished wall as if waiting for something the happen.

Elynasi takes off to find Elai to get some more information about the ruins they found. He has some broken pottery with symbols he wants to understand better.

While he’s away Kip and Torden are left with nothing to do but make some plans. The continued debate about the Sweet Potato and the ship continues. Torden wanting to fix up the Sweet Potatoes third floor while Kip sees only value in fixing the ship.

When they turn to One to help arbitrate you know they are the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

When a small knock is heard at the make shift door Kip had constructed. Four Kobolds enter upon request. Among them they have just a single bag. Their loot they plan to sell.

After negotiations in typical Torden style the kobolds somehow Torden gets them up from 5sp and a look at One to 30sp and a look at the robot. Of course if they hadn’t been in so much of a hurry to get a look he probably could have gotten them up to 50sp.

Bert, Carp, Tricky and Stripe reveal a strange book with instructions written in kobold on the painting of metal. Chemicals made from elements and herbs. The book is a how to on applying paint to a metal object like a robot.

With the book in hand and the kobolds paid the party learns that someone hired the Kobolds to seek out the party and discover if they really had the robot. This someone may be coming to collect the robot. Kip suggests they get out and sends Torden and One to the ship while he prepares instant death for anyone comeing to third floor of the inn.

However, on the way out the door Torden is caught off guard by a conversation between a Merc captain named Bivar and a strange Paladin named Sir. Resark. When the Merc stomps out declaring Sir. Resark and his people crazy Torden takes up the conversation. There is some discussion of Rektikan trouble in the area they want to head to.

During the negotiations One lends only a couple of comments and lets Torden do the talking. So Sir. Resark tells Torden to bring his crew to meet with him at The Guardians of the Road compound on the north west side of town.

But Torden and Kip decide they don’t want to bother with the Rangers they should just go check out the Vanth worshipers. So they head north of town to find where they are camped.

Here they meet Lt. Kristar who seems like a straight up guy. He informs them that Sir. Resark hasn’t returned from his meeting with the rangers. However, Kip has noticed another Kobold is following them.

Kip suggests that One make himself invisible and head to the boat. While they make a loud suggestion that he’s returning to the inn. To which one replies that he has no control over his visibility. He’s Opaque.

So with a small Kobold cloak in the rain One heads to the boat. To much later surprise it didn’t fool anyone.

However, while all of this planning is going on Kip and Torden are strill trying to convince people that they are a legitimate crew. During one part of the discussion One offers up a report on Elynasi’s skills:

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, no-one you see, is smarter than he, and we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder…

However, at the Ranger station they meet up with a young Ranger Revel who tells them that he doesn’t see any trouble with the Rektikan if the group listens to him. The trouble is he’s 16 and it may be hard to get the veteran Paladin’s to take orders from a kid.

But after some negotiations the party is hired. They meet up with Elynasi and head to the camp of the Vanth zealots. Seeing the big Sea Elf the Vanth leadership feels better. The party meets the Vanth Paladins:
1. Lt. Kristar
2. Lt. Flint
3. Sgt Wilko
4. Ave
5. Slamston
6. Asticol
7. Rickton
They are lead by Sir. Resark and a yet unmet Sir Sarak

Kip, One, and Torden head off to find Dhvaras. They swing past the Circus and then are on their way to the Lucky Coin when Kip spots the kobold again.

Obviously he was not fooled by their ploy. They decide to confront him. Just as they meet up they realize the Kobold isn’t the real enemy. A glamoured robot made by someone named Rockwell is hunting One and the Kobold tells them to run, but just as they start to question the Kobold they hear a loud voice calling out for:

1 1 2 3 5 8 C

As the robot advances calling out the numeric sequence the party is trying to decide. But its too late and the robot comes for the corner where they are hiding. Just as the robot rounds the corner Kip detonates a flash bomb. Overloading its sensors for a few seconds the robot is blinded long enough for them to run out of site.

So now they are desperate to find Dhvaras and get out of town. Hopefully the Rektikan will prove less likely than Rockwell.

Death Becomes Us
The dead just want the right to live

Tordenreturns from his ventures. Kip has been busy with the ship and now its tilting to one side. Why? because he has floated one side that was leaking up out of the water. “Fixed”

Elynasi and One sit in the room together. Nothing gained but nothing lost either. Apparently One isn’t clear on the purpose of gambling. Something about losing so you increase your odds of winning that doesn’t make sense to him.

So they sit there waiting when One starts just clicking away. Every once in a while mumbling to himself something like, “A flat chest is not actually flat” and “a clean getaway is a dirty dead”

When Torden, Elynasi and Kip sail the boat up to the dry docks. After some negotiation with the ship right guild master Lefty they get the ship pulled up into dry dock and ready for repairs. Total cost 50g for some Kobold repairs.

Now for getting rid of some ghosts says, Torden. They are off to find an expert on Ghosts. Well they find an expert on ghosts named Elai. Elai knows everything about ghosts but like a good academic can’t actually do anything about them.

However, he knows a card shark named Thornton who can exorcise ghosts. So now that they have their exorcist and his Telepathic side kick Wilbur they have the job nearly done. So a couple more gold and they have the ghosts excorcised from the ship.

But along this time they learn that Elai can read ancient text and they have him translate a book that Torden “found.”

Its a book about the dead with a page added at the end. The page points to an ancient tomb near the city. Of course they head directly for the tomb. Luckily Kip is able to find the entrance pretty quick and so down they go.

A single chamber caved in on one corner. With skeletons dead a long one corner. Setting traps and searching around Elynasi discovers a nest of scorpions the hard way. Badly stung Elynasi wants to just lie down and die. But Torden won’t let him rest. Dig over here. I know there is treasure behind.

After 5 hours Elynasi is feeling some better and a 15’ tunnel has been dug using kips tools and the combined muscles and spell power of the sorcerers.

Tired and sick Elynasi enters the chamber of the long dead inhabitant of this lost room. Kip sets about putting up razor wire. Torden approaches the sarcophagus/ Pushing the lid off he releases an ancient rune protection across the top of the burial box.

The mummified remains of the inhabitant are released back into the realm. A fight ensues. Elynasi stands back casting his Air Edge spell onto his spear while Torden tanks the mummy. Two blasts and two stabs by the mummy and Torden is down for the count bleading out his body encased in mummy wrappings.

When Elynasi stabs into the Mummie’s leg knocking it out. Kip pores his quickcrete glue upon the mummy encasing it in the instantly hard stuff. When the mummy awakens again for a brief moment to the Air Edged Spear of Elynasi stabbing down into its heart.

The mummy dies a quick death as the blade slaces in and out of its preserved hide.

Torden in the dirt with a wound to the arm and another to the chest. Kip and Elynasi bandage him up hoping he awakens soon. While they being to realize its getting cold in here. They then realize its snowing outside. Only its not winter now.

NEWS Report: Librum Sacked
News Report

As the party comes down from their drafty appartment atop the Sweet Potato Inn they hear a hustle and bustle from a book wormish guy who is talking with some friends all seem to be dressed in fancy robes.

The gentleman is making no quiet comment about the condition of the Librums on Enchants and Possessions. Apparently last night the place was stripped of all the contents and the door left wide open. There was some indication of foul play but the details are sketchy.

The Weird One
Investigation into missing persons

Dhvaras One and Elynasi can’t stand the noise from below as Kip’s re-factoring of Torden’s ship gets into full swing. The little Kobold isn’t even any fun to watch because he ignores all of the Dhvaras’ jokes and bores even One with comments like “all work and no play” and “must pass inspection” and something about a demonstration for the Murlocs.

So the three head back to the city and to Sweet Potato Inn

When as they pass through The Lucky Coin Grody approaches Dhvaras to talk about a couple of Rats that have gone missing.

Grody informs the party in his curious way that Ren and Stin have gone missing when on a job to get some fancy books from “Book store called Enchants and Possesses”

Well the party learns through some investigation that the place is actually not a book store but a private collection located on the bottom floor of a private residence with a simple sign above the door “Librums on Enchants and Possessions” (Location: S20U24001)

The locals (including one vendor named Samanah) don’t even know the name of the owner. They just call him Mr. W. which apparently is short for Weird. Something it appears many people use to describe most anyone they run into in Rivelda.

So once the party learns that there has been something going on and they see a missing window on the basement of the Librums on Enchants and Possessions They head over to theTinkerer Pub owned and operated by Pluka.

Exposed to a sticky bun for the first time One and Elynasi are mesmerized by the thing. Wondering at first how to eat it and second why anyone would. But after sometime they meet up again with Samanah. This time around the vendor tells them that its bad business and that there has been some slayings below the Librum.

The city watch is called in and before long the place is locked up tight. Only that night the party returns to obtain some sample product for a potential client and to see if they can figure out what happened. The shop looks mostly intact except for some stuff moved aside to reveal a trap door. Looking around the room the party hears a loud scratching of metal on wood from down below. Something is down there and its trying to get out.

Something they can’t imagine the city guard just left behind. So standing around the door inspecting an orange and listening carefully the trop door flies open and rush of hatred and evil fills the room. Pressing down up the will power of the party. But not enough they trio unloads. Next is the sequence of combat in their fierce intense short battle with the demon.

Fight with Type I Nighttime Demonic Manifestation
Segment 1: The door flies open and the party is drained of 3 EGO.
Segment 2: The Dhvaras readies a knife and the others get into position
Segment 3: Dhvaras throws his knife striking the creature in its left foot. (1 Body and 1 Stun get through its thick hide)
Segment 4: Elynasi thrusts down with his spear into the creatures chest (3 Body and 21 Stun. The creature is (Stunned).
Segment 5: One’s double blades strike out hitting the demon in the back and right thigh. (5 Body and 28 Stun get through its defenses and its (KOed.)

Following through Elynasi drops down into the chamber below stabbing his spear into the creatures heart. The first blow fails to puncture the thick hard hide, but the second thrust rips through the hide as the great Sea Elf stabs with all his might. The demon’s eyes spring open as it spews forth a vile term of hatred into the cold night air. As it returns to its realm and is cast back into the Abyss its demonic force bleeds out into the spear head and shaft of Elynasi’s spear. The tainted weapon tingling in his hands.

Asking for his knife back Dhvaras realizes as the weapon is passed up to him on the level above that it to has been changed.

The effects of the demonic death enchant remain an element to investigate but the fate of the owner of the “Librum” and the two would be night stalker thieves is pretty clear. The demon must have killed them and the guard hauled off the remains of their desiccated and half eaten bodies.

Session 2 + 2 days


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