Stops Bleeding


Healing: Paramedic 16- (Stops Bleeding)
Poison: Peony Poison: HKA 1d6, Attack Versus Alternate Defense (CON; +1/2), Damage Over Time (4 damage increments, damage occurs every Turn, can be negated by CON check at -3; +1 3/4) (49 Active Points)


Available: Spring (5-)
Climatic Zone: Temperate
Locale: Rural
Preparation: 1 hour
Cost: 1 gp/ 2 gp
Uses: 1
Ease of Use: Moderate
This plant with its delicate pink flowers may be boiled into a powerful healing drought, capable of stopping all bleeding, internal and external immediately. However a roll of 3 on the Botany check by the botanist, will kill the recipient in 1d4 minutes, as they suffer a massive heart attack. The herb can be deliberately used as a poison by using five times the normal dosage.


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