Disease Recovery


Fresh Berry

Recover From Disease: Variable Power Pool (Magic Pool), 30 base
Can be used to AID in the recovery from any disease by 1 day or to AID Con to resist disease

Side Effect:

  • 1 berry : Mute for 20 min
  • 5 or 6 berries : Severe stomach cramps (-3 to all skill rolls, attack actions, etc.)


Recover From Disease: Variable Power Pool (Magic Pool), 30 base
Can be used to HEAL/AID in the recovery from any disease by 1/2 the normal time


Available: Summer, Autumn 10%
Climatic Zone: Cold
Locale: Forest
Preparation: None (1 day for jelly)
Cost: 20 gp each/ 40 gp for jelly
Uses: 3d20
Ease of Use: Moderate

Laishaberries, also known as fruit of silence, grow on dark green, knee-high bushes. The leaves of the bushes are hard and waxy, and stay on long into autumn, sometimes even into winter. Concealed under the leaves, the red, cherry sized berries grow. In spring and early summer, the bush grows small, fragrant, wax blue flowers. The berries, which are equally fragrant, begin as hard white fruits, turning soft, red, and juicy as they ripen. The berries taste quite bland themselves, although they can be used to add a special taste to all kinds of jellies. When ripe, the berries can be eaten raw, and will each heal damage, or speed the recovery from most diseases. However, they will also render the eater mute for 20 minutes for each berry eaten. Also, if more than 5 or 6 berries are eaten at a time, there is a side effect of severe stomach cramps. A jelly made from the berries themselves loses both the healing and silencing powers (and the danger of cramps) of the fresh berries, but the curative effects for most diseases is doubled; fresh berries reduce the recovery time by one day for each berry eaten, the jelly halves the time.


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