Augment Strength and Dexterity


Adgana, Time Limit (20 Minutes) Limited Effectiveness (1/2 effective on 3rd lifetime use of a character, 1/4 on 4th use, and not effective thereafter.), Extra Time to use (Full Phase), Requires Herbology (Skill roll), Gestures, Avoid addiction by making a CON/5 + 11 check.

Effects of the leaves are:

  • Aid STR 6 points
  • Aid DEX 6 points
  • Aid CON 3 points

If the character becomes addicted: if the character doesn’t get a dose of Adgana once a week they go into withdrawals for 1 month. During withdrawals they will have bouts of wracking pain that last for a day. The bouts will occur on an 8- and last for the entire day. STR and DEX are both reduced by 3 and OCV and DCV are reduced by 2 for the day.


Available: Spring (6- on 3D6)
Climatic Zone: Temperate (world wide)
Locale: Rural
Preparation: 1 week
Cost: 10 gp/ 500 gp
Uses: 1
Ease of Use: Easy

The leaves of this plant must be dried. They may then be crushed and eaten. It’s effects diminish with constant use. The first time and second time Adgana is used it adds to the user’s Strength, Dexterity and Constitution for a few minutes. The third time it is used it adds less to Strength and Dexterity for the same amount of time, the 4th time it adds only a little Strength, and after that no benefit is ever gained. In addition to this, the herb is also highly addictive.


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