Elynasi "Kingfisher"


Gawking eyes and hushed whispers follow the blue skinned, web-footed giant’s every move here in Rivelda. In all the annals of the city’s history, never has a sea elf been sighted walking its streets. Few from the surface have ever even lain their eyes on the mysterious race, let alone lived to tell the tale.

The epitome of his kind, Elynasi is a master hunter and a fearless warrior. He wields his large whalebone spear with the precision of a dinner fork. The toughest warriors question their courage before crossing swords with the elf. Stranger still, an unnatural wind seems to accompany him in battle, speeding his strikes while thwarting his enemies’. Some say he commands the air itself, like a sorcerer. Others say he’s a witch. The truth of the matter is much different, however.

Imbedded into Elynasi’s left wrist is a gold bracelet. While it compliments perfectly his gold seahorse earring and the long smoothed gold piece hung around his neck, the pink scars lining his arm suggest otherwise. Strange hieroglyphics from a language long forgotten scroll around the outside of the bracelet, and questions about the item are usually met with a curt response, or ignored all together. In truth, Elynasi knows little of the item’s origins. What he does know is its power, and the constant battles he wages with the spirit housed inside. It is what brought him to the surface, and what prevents him from going back…


Elynasi "Kingfisher"

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