Units Mission 2:

After returning to Rookrest from their [[Units : Mission 1 — What is taking them so long | first mission]]. Sadj and Kazuaki areresting up in the chow hall of the Unit’s.

While they sat discussing the details of their last mission two issues with the facts as they knew it came up. The first is that there is no river crossing between Toppne and Rivelda. Part of the caravan couldn’t get washed away on that road.

Just as they realized this issue Sgt Plint announced he had a scouting mission to investigate a claim that some of the lost merchandise from the caravan had been found at a farm along the river due south of Rookrest.

“wait, what? rook rest is upstream from where we picked up the caravan. merchandise doesn’t wash down stream.” — Sadj and Kazuaki

After a short discussion with little more than “yeah, stuff doesn’t all match up…” they took the mission.

The reward, any of the merchandise they recover with first right of purchase to the Men.

So the two set out. With the improvement in the weather the road isn’t so bad. They make good time to the river crossing. While waiting for the ferry the meet two woodsmen. Fleb and Siomon.

Shortly thereafter they head into town.

After a brief look around and Sadj asking for “any wizards” the two learn the direction to their destination.

Heading out to the farms Sadj and Kazuaki come upon one and then another Farm.

When they reach the second farm the farmer one Sine Osward comes out to greet them. Tell him they seek the Ultman farm he turns to face the east and as he does he calls out in panic, “a fire.”

The smoke trail raising up in the distance the only evendence our two would be hero’s see.

Sine turns and tells them that the smoke is coming from the Ultman farm.

At a run Sadj and Kazuaki head towards the farm while Sine tells his oldest to run for help back towards some of the other farms.

Our hero’s arrive to see the smoldering remains of a farm house as well as an undamaged woodshed, and barn.

Upon investigation they discover two bodies rotten and decayed. Unnaturally so. One of the two bodies is holding a stone in one hand.

After a short investigation Sadj turns one of the bodies over and when he does it explodes in a pop sound and small grubs land all over him (euwwwwe). Kazuaki jumps back and avoids the small fell creatures.

As they continue their investigation they discover two undamaged wooden boxes in the house. One contains several vials of a yellow liquid and the other blanks of bone and steel. The blanks apparently meant for the construction of blades with bone handles.

Very soon Sadj starts to become ill and so they turn to head back towards town to find a healer. Upon arriving at the tpwn Sadj is barely able to walk. Soon the healers discover they have no treatement for healing Sadj and can only help him remain comfortable and delay some of the damage the grubs are doing to his system.

Racing off in a horse drawn cart Kazuaki, and a healer name Johansan take the sick Sadj back to Rookrest and up to the castle of the Men of Tioplana. Here one of the minor wizards identifies the grub and a cure. The problem is that while the healing is successful the wizard tells them that these grubs are a plague that has not been seen for a thousand years. Ever sense Ampara was taken from the demonic hordes that dominated it before the Wizards came.


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