Units : Mission 1 -- What is taking them so long

Mission 1 - Session 1

In the mess hall of the units those awaiting assignment loiter and harass the others of similar fate

Kazuaki sits on a bench his focus-less stare burrowing into the table
Zero loiters moving from seat to seat introducing himself to those who seem most despondent
Sadj awaits opportunity
Rusti follows Zero around mumbling

A second band of would be heroes lead by Ren sit together passing around barbs and jabs at each other and anyone they feel safe verbally assaulting
this Game Group activity one of a long tradition among the unemployed

As the hours pass the rain outside builds and builds into an unseasonable down-poring
Kazuaki gets up and moves outside to stand in the hard rain.

Just there after Sgt Plint enters
“Let me see here, who wants a mission? A caravan is delayed and we need to know what holds them up.”

Kazuaki starts running…Rusti follows him out into the rain

Rist says, “Sgt, we can do…” Zero interrupts, “Our Unit can do that. Two my guys are already on it.”

With a glare Rist paints Zero as dead.

After Rist’s team learns how low the pay is for the work they decide to “let” Zero’s team take the job.

Four hours of walking in the cold rain … tired … and getting hungry the Rusti mumbles something about cover

Rusti’s instincts are good… he finds a cave out of the way and out of the rain.

Kazuaki stands outside in the rain… his blood sugar crashing from lack of food until after a few hours he collapses

Rusti runs out and drags him back to the cave

Unconscious Kazuaki is aided by Rusti and Zero, who do not have any idea how to help him…

Zero and Sadj learn that Kazuaki is cursed … a rare and powerful curse …

After Zero and Rusti fill Kazuaki’s stomach and lungs with water he awakens coughing the water up… his lungs burning … after which they feed him something…

As the party sits and rest Rusti hears the sound of running water in the back of the cave.

Everyone listens and Sadj concludes its not water but something else… Rusti throws a log from the fire, further into the cave… A fence reflects the small amount of light back… beyond the fence its still very dark.

Zero approaches the fence and from about 4 meters he paints the ground with a powerful ambient lite … lighting up the room for 30m in all directions. The entire cave is illuminated …

The hollow eyes of a Rune Hound stair blankly back at the party as the animal’s constant purring sounds is heard from deep in its throat.

A lock on the gate in the fence keeps the hound away from the party.

After some deliberation the party determines the best course of action is to pull open the gate (breaking the lock) and kill the Rune Hound.

A grappling hook with rope is tied connected to the lock and most of the party begins to pull.

As the tine of the hook snaps the lock also breaks … Rusti falls on his ass, just as the dog charges out … Sadj unleashes a hellish blast taking the dog full in the chest stunning the creature … when Kazuaki steps in and stabs deep into the animals chest killing it and releasing the powerful magics that bound it …

In the cave’s fenced area the party finds 5 12 kilo bags of dirt… after analysis this dirt may be from a grave site …

Kazuaki dumps bag of the dirt out and runs his fingers through it. For the first time in a long time his hands feel the coolness and texture of the dirt… his nose fills with the warm loam of the soil.

with the dirt is two boxes of magically preserved food, 10 sets of used clothing w/ soft leather foot wear, and a few small sacks of potatoes and other food stuffs…

This mission isn’t turning out so terrible after all…

the xp reward for session 1 is 2 CP.


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