Units: Mission 1 -- Oh that's what's taking them so long

The night proceeds with the down pooring… but being warm, dry, and fed the team is in high spirits. As the morning dawn breaks the rain turns to just a minor drisel. The Unit heads out feeling rested… They travel to the road to Rivelda which after the storm is void of other travelers.

After a couple of days the party comes across the caravan traveling slowly due to the loss of draft animals and a wagon. Kaz gives the guards a box of the magically preserved food.

Cind is in charge of the Wagon train.

The Unit stays with the caravan through the night and heads out back to Rookrest. On the way home they are stalked and attacked by a pack of Goblins. A short fight ensued where the party dominated the Goblins sending some of them to an early death and scaring one back into the undergrowth of the side of the road.


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