The Weird One

Investigation into missing persons

Dhvaras One and Elynasi can’t stand the noise from below as Kip’s re-factoring of Torden’s ship gets into full swing. The little Kobold isn’t even any fun to watch because he ignores all of the Dhvaras’ jokes and bores even One with comments like “all work and no play” and “must pass inspection” and something about a demonstration for the Murlocs.

So the three head back to the city and to Sweet Potato Inn

When as they pass through The Lucky Coin Grody approaches Dhvaras to talk about a couple of Rats that have gone missing.

Grody informs the party in his curious way that Ren and Stin have gone missing when on a job to get some fancy books from “Book store called Enchants and Possesses”

Well the party learns through some investigation that the place is actually not a book store but a private collection located on the bottom floor of a private residence with a simple sign above the door “Librums on Enchants and Possessions” (Location: S20U24001)

The locals (including one vendor named Samanah) don’t even know the name of the owner. They just call him Mr. W. which apparently is short for Weird. Something it appears many people use to describe most anyone they run into in Rivelda.

So once the party learns that there has been something going on and they see a missing window on the basement of the Librums on Enchants and Possessions They head over to theTinkerer Pub owned and operated by Pluka.

Exposed to a sticky bun for the first time One and Elynasi are mesmerized by the thing. Wondering at first how to eat it and second why anyone would. But after sometime they meet up again with Samanah. This time around the vendor tells them that its bad business and that there has been some slayings below the Librum.

The city watch is called in and before long the place is locked up tight. Only that night the party returns to obtain some sample product for a potential client and to see if they can figure out what happened. The shop looks mostly intact except for some stuff moved aside to reveal a trap door. Looking around the room the party hears a loud scratching of metal on wood from down below. Something is down there and its trying to get out.

Something they can’t imagine the city guard just left behind. So standing around the door inspecting an orange and listening carefully the trop door flies open and rush of hatred and evil fills the room. Pressing down up the will power of the party. But not enough they trio unloads. Next is the sequence of combat in their fierce intense short battle with the demon.

Fight with Type I Nighttime Demonic Manifestation
Segment 1: The door flies open and the party is drained of 3 EGO.
Segment 2: The Dhvaras readies a knife and the others get into position
Segment 3: Dhvaras throws his knife striking the creature in its left foot. (1 Body and 1 Stun get through its thick hide)
Segment 4: Elynasi thrusts down with his spear into the creatures chest (3 Body and 21 Stun. The creature is (Stunned).
Segment 5: One’s double blades strike out hitting the demon in the back and right thigh. (5 Body and 28 Stun get through its defenses and its (KOed.)

Following through Elynasi drops down into the chamber below stabbing his spear into the creatures heart. The first blow fails to puncture the thick hard hide, but the second thrust rips through the hide as the great Sea Elf stabs with all his might. The demon’s eyes spring open as it spews forth a vile term of hatred into the cold night air. As it returns to its realm and is cast back into the Abyss its demonic force bleeds out into the spear head and shaft of Elynasi’s spear. The tainted weapon tingling in his hands.

Asking for his knife back Dhvaras realizes as the weapon is passed up to him on the level above that it to has been changed.

The effects of the demonic death enchant remain an element to investigate but the fate of the owner of the “Librum” and the two would be night stalker thieves is pretty clear. The demon must have killed them and the guard hauled off the remains of their desiccated and half eaten bodies.

Session 2 + 2 days


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