Making Plans

Sometimes the best plan is just to get out of town

Elynasi and Kip get Torden back to the Sweet Potato Inn to recover from his wounds. After a nights sleep and a couple of spells he’s feeling pretty good. One leans against the unfinished wall as if waiting for something the happen.

Elynasi takes off to find Elai to get some more information about the ruins they found. He has some broken pottery with symbols he wants to understand better.

While he’s away Kip and Torden are left with nothing to do but make some plans. The continued debate about the Sweet Potato and the ship continues. Torden wanting to fix up the Sweet Potatoes third floor while Kip sees only value in fixing the ship.

When they turn to One to help arbitrate you know they are the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

When a small knock is heard at the make shift door Kip had constructed. Four Kobolds enter upon request. Among them they have just a single bag. Their loot they plan to sell.

After negotiations in typical Torden style the kobolds somehow Torden gets them up from 5sp and a look at One to 30sp and a look at the robot. Of course if they hadn’t been in so much of a hurry to get a look he probably could have gotten them up to 50sp.

Bert, Carp, Tricky and Stripe reveal a strange book with instructions written in kobold on the painting of metal. Chemicals made from elements and herbs. The book is a how to on applying paint to a metal object like a robot.

With the book in hand and the kobolds paid the party learns that someone hired the Kobolds to seek out the party and discover if they really had the robot. This someone may be coming to collect the robot. Kip suggests they get out and sends Torden and One to the ship while he prepares instant death for anyone comeing to third floor of the inn.

However, on the way out the door Torden is caught off guard by a conversation between a Merc captain named Bivar and a strange Paladin named Sir. Resark. When the Merc stomps out declaring Sir. Resark and his people crazy Torden takes up the conversation. There is some discussion of Rektikan trouble in the area they want to head to.

During the negotiations One lends only a couple of comments and lets Torden do the talking. So Sir. Resark tells Torden to bring his crew to meet with him at The Guardians of the Road compound on the north west side of town.

But Torden and Kip decide they don’t want to bother with the Rangers they should just go check out the Vanth worshipers. So they head north of town to find where they are camped.

Here they meet Lt. Kristar who seems like a straight up guy. He informs them that Sir. Resark hasn’t returned from his meeting with the rangers. However, Kip has noticed another Kobold is following them.

Kip suggests that One make himself invisible and head to the boat. While they make a loud suggestion that he’s returning to the inn. To which one replies that he has no control over his visibility. He’s Opaque.

So with a small Kobold cloak in the rain One heads to the boat. To much later surprise it didn’t fool anyone.

However, while all of this planning is going on Kip and Torden are strill trying to convince people that they are a legitimate crew. During one part of the discussion One offers up a report on Elynasi’s skills:

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, no-one you see, is smarter than he, and we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder…

However, at the Ranger station they meet up with a young Ranger Revel who tells them that he doesn’t see any trouble with the Rektikan if the group listens to him. The trouble is he’s 16 and it may be hard to get the veteran Paladin’s to take orders from a kid.

But after some negotiations the party is hired. They meet up with Elynasi and head to the camp of the Vanth zealots. Seeing the big Sea Elf the Vanth leadership feels better. The party meets the Vanth Paladins:
1. Lt. Kristar
2. Lt. Flint
3. Sgt Wilko
4. Ave
5. Slamston
6. Asticol
7. Rickton
They are lead by Sir. Resark and a yet unmet Sir Sarak

Kip, One, and Torden head off to find Dhvaras. They swing past the Circus and then are on their way to the Lucky Coin when Kip spots the kobold again.

Obviously he was not fooled by their ploy. They decide to confront him. Just as they meet up they realize the Kobold isn’t the real enemy. A glamoured robot made by someone named Rockwell is hunting One and the Kobold tells them to run, but just as they start to question the Kobold they hear a loud voice calling out for:

1 1 2 3 5 8 C

As the robot advances calling out the numeric sequence the party is trying to decide. But its too late and the robot comes for the corner where they are hiding. Just as the robot rounds the corner Kip detonates a flash bomb. Overloading its sensors for a few seconds the robot is blinded long enough for them to run out of site.

So now they are desperate to find Dhvaras and get out of town. Hopefully the Rektikan will prove less likely than Rockwell.


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