Death Becomes Us

The dead just want the right to live

Tordenreturns from his ventures. Kip has been busy with the ship and now its tilting to one side. Why? because he has floated one side that was leaking up out of the water. “Fixed”

Elynasi and One sit in the room together. Nothing gained but nothing lost either. Apparently One isn’t clear on the purpose of gambling. Something about losing so you increase your odds of winning that doesn’t make sense to him.

So they sit there waiting when One starts just clicking away. Every once in a while mumbling to himself something like, “A flat chest is not actually flat” and “a clean getaway is a dirty dead”

When Torden, Elynasi and Kip sail the boat up to the dry docks. After some negotiation with the ship right guild master Lefty they get the ship pulled up into dry dock and ready for repairs. Total cost 50g for some Kobold repairs.

Now for getting rid of some ghosts says, Torden. They are off to find an expert on Ghosts. Well they find an expert on ghosts named Elai. Elai knows everything about ghosts but like a good academic can’t actually do anything about them.

However, he knows a card shark named Thornton who can exorcise ghosts. So now that they have their exorcist and his Telepathic side kick Wilbur they have the job nearly done. So a couple more gold and they have the ghosts excorcised from the ship.

But along this time they learn that Elai can read ancient text and they have him translate a book that Torden “found.”

Its a book about the dead with a page added at the end. The page points to an ancient tomb near the city. Of course they head directly for the tomb. Luckily Kip is able to find the entrance pretty quick and so down they go.

A single chamber caved in on one corner. With skeletons dead a long one corner. Setting traps and searching around Elynasi discovers a nest of scorpions the hard way. Badly stung Elynasi wants to just lie down and die. But Torden won’t let him rest. Dig over here. I know there is treasure behind.

After 5 hours Elynasi is feeling some better and a 15’ tunnel has been dug using kips tools and the combined muscles and spell power of the sorcerers.

Tired and sick Elynasi enters the chamber of the long dead inhabitant of this lost room. Kip sets about putting up razor wire. Torden approaches the sarcophagus/ Pushing the lid off he releases an ancient rune protection across the top of the burial box.

The mummified remains of the inhabitant are released back into the realm. A fight ensues. Elynasi stands back casting his Air Edge spell onto his spear while Torden tanks the mummy. Two blasts and two stabs by the mummy and Torden is down for the count bleading out his body encased in mummy wrappings.

When Elynasi stabs into the Mummie’s leg knocking it out. Kip pores his quickcrete glue upon the mummy encasing it in the instantly hard stuff. When the mummy awakens again for a brief moment to the Air Edged Spear of Elynasi stabbing down into its heart.

The mummy dies a quick death as the blade slaces in and out of its preserved hide.

Torden in the dirt with a wound to the arm and another to the chest. Kip and Elynasi bandage him up hoping he awakens soon. While they being to realize its getting cold in here. They then realize its snowing outside. Only its not winter now.


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